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Dr. Karen Madsen of the Alberta IBD Consortium publishes study on sunlight exposure and inflammation

Research has shown that there are beneficial effects of moderate sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure on our bodies through triggering our bodies to create substances such as vitamin D and cis-urocanic acid (cis-UCA). One of the ways that moderate UV exposure may help us is by helping to regulate our immune systems and help protect us against autoimmune disorders such as IBD. Dr. Madsen’s study looked at the direct effects of cis-UCA on inflammation levels in the colon due to colitis.

View the article on our Publications page.

CCFC and Alberta IBD Consortium - Edmonton Educational Event

Please join the CCFC and the Alberta IBD Consortium for:

CCFC & You: Emerging Trends in Inflammatory Bowel Disease h3. Saturday, April 17, 2010 10:00 am – 3:45 pm

University of Alberta
7–142K Katz Group Rexall Centre, Edmonton

Dr. Karen Madsen and Dr. Leo Dieleman of the Alberta IBD Consortium will be speaking about their research into IBD and it’s relationship to the initiatives of the Alberta IBD Consortium. Dr. Karen Wong will also be speaking about the importance of research at the University of Alberta.

Please stay for the laboratory tour and participate in the patient input session. This is an amazing opportunity for members of the community to provide direct input to the researchers through a facilitated discussion and input session. Based on the feedback, the Alberta IBD Consortium will be better able to focus their research on the needs of the patients and their families. As well, we hope to provide insight into the work and research that is ongoing and supported by the efforts of CCFC fundraising. Please join us to share your questions and input.

Register online at

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