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U of A Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research and Consultation Clinic

The Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research and Consultation Clinic at the U of A, in partnership with CEGIIR and the Alberta IBD Consortium, is a specialized clinic that focuses on patients with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
Please refer to their website for more information on the clinic including details of the highly informative monthly IBDTV webinair series being offered.

Drs Beck and Kaplan Receive CAG Awards

On behalf of the Consortium I would like to offer a very warm congratulations to Paul Beck and Gil Kaplan for their recent receipt of prestigious awards from the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology. Dr. Paul Beck has received the CAG Visiting Research Professorship award, and Dr. Gil Kaplan has received the CAG Young Investigator Award.

Previous winners of the Research Awards include Dr Derek McKay (2011, 2009), Dr Andre Buret (2007), Dr Keith Sharkey (2006), Dr Kris Chadee (2005), Dr John Meddings (2004, 2001), and Dr Richard Fedorak (2002). Our incredible team of researchers in Edmonton and Calgary is the foundation of our team and our effects to make advancements in discovery and application to reduce the burden of IBD.

Congratulations Paul and Gil!

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